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Is a rear view mirror safety device that fits comfortably to the back of the hand, which is the preferred location because the wrist acts as a pivot or hinge.


By simply rotating the wrist you can optimize your rear view vision. The device is adjustable to suit your fit and specific angle of vision.

Mirrastrap Rear View Mirror
Mirrastrap Rear View Mirror


Consists of a high quality convex mirror of specific radius of curvature.

The Mirror allows the viewer a well balanced view of what's going on behind them.



The Mirrastrap is a specifically designed rear view mirror device that fits comfortably to the back of the hand.


The Mirrastrap can also fit over a glove of choice.

Mirrastrap Rear View Mirror


Mirrastrap is made of a soft high quality silicon material, it does not interfere with the grasp of a handlebar.


The Mirrastrap is lightweight, thin, comfortable and adjustable.

Mirrastrap in Use


“Great safety accessory for runners. Even though I run against traffic, I like to know what’s coming from behind me without constantly turning around. Customer service was excellent."


"I do love it. As a long distance runner it’s very helpful. Thank you!


The Mirrastrap is great for walks and running!!! It is easy and convenient - Especially in high traffic areas. If you love the outdoors and want to be aware of all your surroundings, this is a must!!


This product is exactly what I was looking for.


I bought this for a friend training for a half marathon. She absolutely loves it and thinks I'm so thoughtful!