About Us

After two years of research and development we finally came up with what we believe is the first effective rear view mirror device for runners, hikers, walkers and cyclists. 

We are confident that once runners get used to the Mirrastrap they will not know how they got along without it. Apart from the obvious safety aspect It really gives you a sense of freedom knowing what is going on behind you.

The Must Have in Running Safety Equipment

The Mirrastrap is a specifically designed rear view mirror device that fits comfortably to the back of the hand (The back of the hand is the preferred location because the wrist acts as a pivot or hinge.)

It consists of a high quality convex mirror of specific radius of curvature (the mirror allows the viewer a well balanced view of what is going on behind the user regarding close angle viewing and distance).

The mirror is attached to an ergonomically designed adjustable strap which does not interfere with the grasp of a handlebar.

The Mirrastrap also fits over a glove of choice.

The Mirrastrap could also be used for many other activities like e-scooters, other micro mobility modes of transport, jogging, cycling, trail running, power walking, hiking, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc.